About Us

The World Land Speed Racing Association® (WLSRA®) was started out of the need for a set of rules that recognizes the dangers of unlimited land speed racing. Vehicles that are closer to research aircraft and missiles, than your standard automobiles.

The purpose of the WLSRA® is to strive for incident and injury free competition. Rules that require runs in opposite directions within a certain time period are no longer valid when vehicles travel a mile in 4 seconds, and real estate to make such runs are limited to less than five places in the world.

The WLSRA® also recognizes that technology is on an exponential curve and that methods to measure distances and time are far more advanced than the stop watches and flag men that were used at the turn of the century.

The WLSRA® also recognizes that teams attempting such endeavors know more than anyone the dangers they are facing, and will do what is necessary to ensure their vehicles and drivers are safe. Rules for existing motorsports are excellent and the safety record of those organizations is commendable. If it was as simple as adding a roll bar in an aircraft, or air bags that open upon impact to save a driver in the event of a catastrophic event, then fighter jets would have integrated them years ago. The way to ensure safety is to analyze the vehicle in the computer and compare test run data with the model; then make adjustments that further refine that model.

Over the years vehicles have made extraordinary runs, but because they did not meet all of the strict requirements, records were never established. Stan Barrett in the Budweiser Rocket Car, and Kitty O'Neil are but two examples. They ran speeds never seen before, but were not officially recognized. So they went on with their lives with no posted records; and having to explain why. This is not fair, and the WLSRA® will now recognize these people and their efforts.